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Soy Response (Aerosol)

Soy Response (Aerosol)


Soy Response is a powerful, aerosol degreaser formulated with surfactants, emulsifiers, and a biodegradable soy-based solvent, a renewable resource. It contains no d-limonene, petroleum, or chlorinated solvents. It quickly and effectively removes heavy grease, tar, and oils. Its low VOC formulation meets the requirements of State and Federal VOC regulations. Zep Soy Response aerosol is a member of the Zep GreenLink line of Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP).

  • Quickly penetrates soils for efficient removal from surfaces.
  • It is effective at removing tape and decal residues, heavy-duty soil, grease, tar and adhesives.
  • Formulated with solvents derived from soybeans, which is a natural renewable resource.
  • Will not leave a residue when rinsed with water.
  • Has a light, natural fragrance.


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